An amazing project developed with love.



Currently their business expanded from 3 locations previously, to 10 cities, including one in Odense Denmark – Europe. Website has now 10 locations and a fresh redesign and multi-language support. Calendar has been updated to link directly to Ticketzone tickets purchase page.



The project I work one since I was hired for AM2Studio, back in 2017. It was initially a small presentation website with few pages – a homepage and few other legal pages (privacy policy etc). Homepage was having 5-6 sections with information about their event/location/prices. It all started during a weekend and had to complete it in few days (development only), before their launch (to have it ready for adding content). I completed it, and everything went well, at least considering that I was still a beginner back then (I still consider myself a beginner even today). The client was happy and the next year, from one location their business was expanded to additional 2 locations (Barrie, Edmonton and Langley). From what I remember, they even run a Harvest event on one of the locations. Their revenue generation was amazing that year, so current year Glow expanded to 10 locations, including Europe/Canada and United States.



Of course I’ve had some challenges regarding this project, especially when I first started working on it. Being a rookie in web development, I’ve had my reservations regarding my skills but everything went well. Initially the challenge was to make the calendar and link it to Ticketzone (a service used for selling their tickets). I’ve had to use ACF to make it due to some circumstances.

Another thing I struggled with was learning WordPress Multisite – I’ve had to understand how it works in order to set up 1 website for each location. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about it and at the moment I’m pretty confident.

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