I`m Bican

An amazing project developed with love.



Well, I could probably write pages about my personal project. Initially, I hated javascript because it was kinda hard to lean when I first started web development. On the other hand, after working for more than a year in a company enviroment, I’ve learned a lot and I started to like Javascript. After seeing REACT.js I totally changed my mind.



The first challenge was how to setup React and understand its lifecycle methods. It was quite hard but later on I started to like it. Some harder challenges for me where:

  1. How to make API requests in React and when/how to use data received as props. From what I learned and libraries tested, one thing I can say: Use Axios for making requests.
  2. React Redux – this was again super tricky to understand, but in the end I started to like it. Love the middlewares and reduces, is a nice way to structure data.
  3. Last but the hardest part – How to add SSR support in CRA (Create React App). This was a bit tricky since I wanted to use custom setup and not frameworks like Next.js or others. I know is easier to use that but I wanted to know how things happens behind the scenes.


Well, I’m planning to create a repository with an example app with the setup I’m use. I also want to make a premium course regarding what I’ve learned and how to use React with SSR support.

Stay tuned.

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