Outback Team Building

An amazing project developed with love.



A never-ending project, started in the late 2019 and almost ready in February April 2020. This is a redesign of their old web with brand new WordPress Gutenberg editor as a back-end.



Well, this was one of the biggest projects that I’ve worked on. It has about 8 CPTs (Custom Post Types) and tons of relationships between them. I was working on this along with a backend developer – definitely wasn’t a one man job :). The main highlights of the site are:

  • Team Building CPT
  • Training CPT
  • Coaching CPT
  • Clients
  • Locations

First 3 CPTs from the list also includes some custom filters as seen here.


A lot of them…

First of all, the size of the project makes it difficult to develop on WordPress – at least for me at the time of this project. Each single post contains a lot of data and connections between other posts.

On the one hand, the client was very difficult person. He wanted to have it as automated as possible, with little to no options, but also have the flexibility of changing some things. In my opinion this is not a perfect match. Anyway, not all people are tech savvy so I understand this. On the other hand, he was also very undecided about some things like: elements spacings, font sizes and so on. That was very frustrating.

Another thing that I did not liked, at first, was the Hubspot forms. I was used to WordPress way of doing things – Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms plugin. However after learning their JS API a bit I’ve started to like their services. The slightly harder part was the styleing of the forms – it was quite tricky. In the end I decided to ditch their CSS and create custom CSS from scratch to match the website design.


Anyway, it was a hard but fun project and I was learning a lot while doing it.

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